Computer Use

Computer Use Policy

Purpose: Library computers are provided for such things as word processing and Internet access to fulfill the library’s mission to meet users’ educational, informational, recreational and research needs.

  • The Library makes available the use of library computers according to the following guidelines:
1)      Patrons must first sign-in at circulation desk and select an available computer station.
2)      Patrons must indicate date, time and full name.
3)      No more than two students may work at one computer, unless accompanied by an adult.
·        When available, wireless access is also provided for patrons using their own laptop computers. Staff does not assist or instruct in wireless usage. The library makes the service available; users are responsible for making use of the service themselves.
Patron Guidelines:
1)      Computer agreement policy is posted on each computer.
2)       Patrons must click “agreement” button to activate the Internet.
3)       Patrons have 30 minutes, after which the computer will automatically shut down.
4)      Patrons may request that staff extend additional computer time, if others are not waiting. 

Adopted: June 10, 2003, Revised Sep. 13, 2005
Henderson Board of Trustees